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Originally Posted by AndyCrotty View Post
Victim Kiwi [7] Attacking 64,000,000 ETA 5 ticks
Victim Kiwi [6] Attacking 109,250,000 ETA 5 ticks
Victim Kiwi [5] Attacking 192,549,436 ETA 4 ticks
Victim Kiwi [4] Attacking 163,050,000 ETA 3 ticks
Victim Kiwi [3] Attacking 90,500,000 ETA 2 ticks
Victim Kiwi [2] Attacking 93,049,612 ETA 1 tick
Victim Kiwi [1] Attacking 110,129,115 Att. for 3 ticks
Total Incoming: 822,528,163 hostile

Never knew 300/400 acres was so hard to come by...
It does seem (to me anyway) a style of play that is guaranteed to suck the fun out of this game.

Where's the chance of a good exciting battle when your oversending like that.

Guess that brute force land grabs are easier than well worked out attacks. But I am not sure that, were I in their position, the prospect of 2 months of unopposed land grabs holds much entertainment value.

But, they will win the round I suppose and bravo to them for that but will it be as much fun as it could be?
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