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1st of all Steve God ur a wank, 2 10 man alliances?
Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Steve's comment about kiwi splitting into 2 ten man alliances and still winning a compliment? I wouldn't complain about such an acolade In fact, I am inclined to agree that kiwi could win with half their players, they are that good and that committed. I can't keep up with that shizzle (not allied anyway )
Correct - Godsend just didn't get it... does that mean he trolled himself?
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I'm team Steve_God.
"[19:44] <@Timmiejj> i vote SG for #1"
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how does any of this help steve retain rank 1?
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Ps. Go team steve
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oh and STEVE - GOD ftw cause he likes grandmas
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