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Originally Posted by FeR View Post
So then i actually pwned you and got it personally for you!
Wohoo, i won then!

PWNEDD, noob.
You suicided all round so you could farm Honour and Fame from bots.


Originally Posted by CFalcon View Post
Although I can't for the life of me work out why you'd be for activity but against contactibility. They both have the same result (people always available to defend) but one allows people to have lives outside of the game, and the other does not. It intrigues me that you favour the no-life option.
I'm getting quite annoyed CFalcon, everytime I come back here there is you keeping a life time supply of some of my quotes posted different days, weeks and months on different topics in reply to different people. I'm getting frustrated, not because you are right - because you're dragging on a pointless argument like a dumbass. Why don't you just admit you are wrong right now and stfu then?

Yes, so you're out with friends/at your job/sleeping/at uni/watching tv with your family friends and you get a phone call (text even) saying "quick, come online you got inc" - what do you tell them?

"Oh you guys I got to go for a moment, I have to log into Bushtarion and save my dudez!"

Originally Posted by CFalcon View Post
As far as I'm concerned activity and contactibility are the same thing.
Like your mentality, total and utter smeg.

You play a game for the fun of the time you spend on the game, not for your success, rank and glory you can get from the game without actually playing it? By every action, every battle, every move...and reasons for all the above. No point feeding bullshit lines like "Oh ever though we bashed your alliance because of the way you speak on the forums".

You play like that every smegging round you smeg-heads, I came back out of retirement to prove my point, that you no life fags have killed the player base - and none of you have the guts to admit it.

Maybe it's different for you, you're probably one of those idiotic morons who macros to 99 in every skill in an RPG then walk around saying "ALL HAIL, I AM THE MAN".

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