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Originally Posted by Iamsmart View Post
im a fervent bleiever that anybody who posts this idea/agrees with it is stupid and doesn't realize how stupid it sounds

solo's need to do sleep mode often, if they arent online they have 0 chance mos times to get defense from pnaps (most dont spy often). AR is pretty **** once it gets low, especially if you have any kind of land fat or you arent good at killing/stopping flak.

ally members have allies who can defend them and therefore dont need sleep mode (not black and white, i know, but generalized)

also pnaps cant send defense when they are in sleep mode

dont trigger ar, if you're really trying to catch a solo in sleep mode (they lt'ing you, have strong pnap, have a predictable timing) then its your job to figure out their AR before that and be not stupid

solo is weak and relies on allied players being lazy for the most part, try not to be lazy and u wont have any problems.


Originally Posted by GooDGoodBye View Post
And I dont think you have to worry about losses since you get good insurance on inn's.
you mean gards? cause i dont think they be flacking with tractors these days? (damn i miss those )
which get injuries not insurance
and i thought injuries and insurance were the same (30%)...

But i still see your point


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